Photos of Wollumbin Rainforest

Here are photos I’ve taken of Wollumbin (Mt Warning) rainforest. Just thought I’d share the photos rather than create a digital art image.

Bryan & Mo at Wollumbin
My husband, Bryan, and I at Wollumbin
Colin & Mo at Wollumbin
Our friend, Colin, and myself at Wollumbin during his holiday with us in Australia.

More Wollumbin forest IMG_0381 Exif_JPEG_422 Exif_JPEG_422 Mt Warning National Park Ancient forest at Wolllumbin 1

6 thoughts on “Photos of Wollumbin Rainforest

  1. Thank you again. The funny thing is that all this is quite unexpected – a did a course on creating art in line with the Major Arcana of the Tarot, then took part in an art every day in November project, then did a 2-week course on surreal art using selfies, and suddenly all this artwork with nature took off. Just shows that dumping logic and being open to intuition can open up some really unexpected avenues. Again, thank you for your lovely comments.


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