The Fairy Playground

I wasn’t going to post today as it’s Christmas Day but, what the heck, I love playing with digital art so off I went again this afternoon, scouring my images for something to work with. I finally ended up picking a photo of a big grove of bamboo which I digitally altered with a Topaz plug-in on Photoshop, then switched back to PicMonkey.  I then added an overlay of a piece of digital art I’d created from a photo I took of the last pomegranates of the season lying on the ground. Somehow this all reminded me of a Fairy Playground as I could clearly see shadowy figures as Ii was working on this art. And here it is: The Fairy Playground.

the Fairy Playground
The Fairy Playground

6 thoughts on “The Fairy Playground

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We do use a DVD shop here in North Cyprus which has an amazing array of films, it never ceases to amaze me how I ask for something and the lady always has it or knows where to track it down. Good luck with your blog, it’s a great idea.


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