Colours of Winter Solstice

In what is quite an amazing event for myself, I have today actually remembered the Winter Solstice, that time of the year when we get the longest night and shortest day. From hereon in, we start moving inexorably towards longer days and shorter nights, albeit at a majestically slow pace.  So in honour of this rather special day in the yearly calendar, I’ve actually got into gear quite early in the day to create this piece of digital art, Colours of Winter Solstice. It has a base photograph I took of an evening sky, slightly adjusted to accentuate the contrast between light and dark colours, and then overlaid is a photo I took of our orange bougainvillea before the rent bout of cold weather killed off all of our bougainvillea flowers, regardless of colour. Below are the two photos I used for this image. 

Colours of Winter Solstice
Colours of Winter Solstice




Orange Bougainvillea 1Clouds 12

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