Bougainvillea Butterflies

I seem to be focusing a lot on bougainvilleas lately, but it’s just as well I took photos of the different ones in our garden because they are now battered and bruised and may need to be pruned right back to regenerate. Unusually for this time of the year when it’s normally around 17C, last week we had a really intense cold front move over this area with diabolically cold winds being blown down from central Europe. We have had daily temperatures of 7-8C here whereas they’re normally up around 17C this time of the year. At least we didn’t get the snow that blanketed Syria, Israel and Egypt which was a blessing.

Anyway, our poor bougainvilleas have lost all their blossoms, our black-eyed susan has given up the ghost and will have to be pruned while our hibiscus has lost its top leaves. In an apartment further down the block, the poor roses – pink and red – have been stripped of their leaves with only the rose-hips and rose flowers left behind. I guess the flowers are hardier than the leaves.

I didn’t actually intend to end up with bougainvilleas, to be honest. I started off with a blank canvas in PicMonkey which I coloured a pale green, then added a photo of one of my paintings, Aphrodite Rising.  I played around with effects and textures, then added an effect layer of a winter scene I photographed recently. And I finally finished up with an effect layer of a bougainvillea photo I took before the cold wind knocked them into oblivion.  I added in the butterflies because they represent transformation and, whether we like it or not, the very cold weather has opened up new growth for plants and flowers affected by the low temperatures and also shows us how we can grow from adversity.

Bougainvillea Butterflies
Bougainvillea Butterflies

Autumn colours
Winter colours
Pink Bougainvillea
Pink Bougainvillea flowers
Aphrodite Rising


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