Earth, Fire, Air, Water

I’ve had a lovely long lunch today catching up with some friends and felt a bit unpainterly-like when I got home. But when my  husband started watching a train video (!), I decided I’d retreat to my workroom and see what came up arty-farty-wise.

Yesterday evening I was working on a photo I’d taken of a rather beautiful agate piece in my crystal collection but I hadn’t felt satisfied with the result. So I played with it some more in PicMonkey (I should get a bonus for the number of times I mention this programme,shouldn’t I???), and finally decided to browse photos to see if anything attracted my attention and what came up was a painting I did in Australia working with paper bark. Paper bark is a very soft bark which peels of the tree and is great for using in artwork.  However, when I was sorting out my paintings recently, my dear dogs decided it would be fun to pull some of the paper bark off the painting and eat it!!

I always, always with art creation work on the basis that if something goes wrong, it’s an opportunity to revisit the piece and amend it. So this time – after I’d stopped howling at the dogs –  I added in shells and pieces of raw sunstone into the areas left empty of the paper bark.  It changed the energy of the painting completely, and it’s this final piece which I superimposed over the digital art. And I love it.

Earth, Fire, Air, Water
Earth, Fire, Air, Water

Polished agate stone

Earth, Fire, Air, Water

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