Mt Lindesay Songlines

Today I felt the urge to do something different with the tools PicMonkey provides. I usually load up a photo and work with this but today I decided to work with a blank canvas, a rather nifty tool which the programme provides. I added a pale pink colour to the blank canvas then simply worked on it with the Effects and Textures tools.  It really was quite amazing what I was able to create with just these tools. When I felt I’d finished playing with these gizmos, I felt the prompt to have a look at my photo album of photos of New South Wales and settled on a photo I’d taken of Mt Lindesay. This is a rather inimicable-looking mountain on the NSW-Queensland border close to where we lived in Woodenbong, up in the Border Ranges mountains.

Mt Lindesay always looks very forbidding and it dominates the landscape for miles around.  It is a solitary mountain, not part of the range as a whole, and has what seems like to me an invisible “keep off” sign.  I found out from a book on this area, which is Bundjalung Aboriginal country, that there was a particular cave where senior lawmen would sing some to “sleep”, i.e., death.  Anyway, once I’d added a texture of Mt Lindesay, I returned to my album of photos I gather to use in digital art, and found a nice one of winter scenery.  This is the result and below is Mt Lindesay:

Mt Lindesay Songlines
Mt Lindesay Songlines



Mt Lindesay
Mt Lindesay


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