Agate Dreaming

Today I bought a rather beautiful pendant of Picasso Picture Jasper at our local market.  I consider it an inspirational piece for me in my creation of digital/surreal art because it really does look like a piece of surreal art.

So I decided to work with a base of a picture I created a while back, called Moody, then superimposed a photo of the Jasper pendant over that art piece, fiddled with it all a bit to cheer it up, then added a final layer of an Agate stone in my crystal collection.  I’ve called this: Agate Dreaming because it’s the spirits of Agate and Picasso PIcture Jasper which are dreaming into creation the creative energies abundant in Mother Earth..

Agate Dreaming
Agate Dreaming
Agate, Orange
Orange Agate from Agate Creek, Queensland
Picasso Jasper Pendant
Picasso Picture Jasper Pendant

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