The Fire of Passion

It’s been a very cold, very windy day here in North Cyprus, one more day to go and then it warms up slightly, only to 12C but anything’s better than 7C which we had today. The seas on the Mediterranean were really rough and we could hear the noise of the breakers on the beach very clearly where we live.

The cold affects me badly, fibromyalgia causes intense pain in this weather, so I’ve had a very quiet, slow day  today.  I decided I’d just work quickly on an early piece of digital art I created – it’s a photo of the scenery around here, adjusted with a Topaz Plug-in, but then I left it, couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I returned to it today and this is the final result – it reminds me of the fire of passion in our lives, how joyous and light-hearted and light-bodied we feel when we are passionate about what we are creating, whatever it is, as long as it feeds our hearts and souls.

The Fire of Passion
The Fire of Passion

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