Vision of Light

When I start creating digital art, I just scan through a file I’ve got of images which provide a base for a new creation. Today I used a close-up photo of the patterns in an Astrophyllite stone in my crystal collection which  is brown, white and gold but which I’d coloured to shades of purple.  I played around with PicMonkey gizmos again to add effects than added a texture of another stone in my collection, a Peruvian turquoise with cuprite and chrysocolla. I faded this slightly then used a flare filter to highlight the turquoise.

This stone has a clear marking of a rune stone, known as Ken or Kenaz, which has as its meaning shining light, embracing enlightenment, gaining wisdom or insight, feeling creativity opening up or feeling inspired in a project. I’ve called it “Vision of Light” because it relates to the “aha” moment when he have a burst of creativity and know exactly what we wish to bring into being. There are also water images because we get great emotional satisfaction when our creativity pours forth unimpeded.Vision


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