Laughter – Food for the Soul

I missed posting yesterday as I lost the internet.  Luckily the very efficient ISP I’m with sent a techie to fix things up this morning and I’m back in business, albeit a bit pushed for time as I’ve had a lot of e-mails to catch up with.

Well, last night my husband and I watched an old movie, from 1988, called “Midnight Run” with Robert de NIro and Charles Grodin, a sort of buddy road movie, which was really, really funny.  Even my husband sat and laughed his head off as he’s not a great movie-watcher. So when I finished today’s piece of art it reminded me of laughter, and for me laughter is food for the soul.  It lifts our spirits and lightens our whole body.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the direction I’d had in mind but, what the heck, art seems to take on a life of its own once you get going. Believe it or not, the base photo for this digital art was purple – of a firework exploding at night in front of our apartment. The 5-star hotel near us and right on the coast occasionally puts on fireworks displays and had two nights’ of exploding fireworks which was great – front row seat for free.  I was a happy snapper and the photos I took have provided fodder for a lot of my digital artwork.

Anyway, I was working through the layers and pressed one button which suddenly fired everything up to my surprise. It felt right so I kept going, adding a layer of a photo I took today of a green and red flower on one of our indoor plants.  The flower’s usually red with a yellow, catkin-like central focus, but this particular leaf came out red at the base and green on the rest of the leaf.  And here’s the result, Laughter – Food for the Soul:

Laughter - Food for rhe Soul

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