The Brightness of Bougainvilleas

I was whingeing to another blogger who’d posted a fantastic photograph of the lovely colours in leaves in autumn, when she commented that we probably have similar colourful plants here in North Cyprus, Well, bougainvillea is one such plant – as in Australia it thrives in the climate of the eastern Mediterranean.

So today, as I’m a bit under the weather due to hip pain and a sleepless night, I’ve assembled a simple piece of digital art which highlights separately the pink, orange and magenta bougainvilleas in our garden.  They take their time to get settled, but once they are established, the grow like the clappers.

So here’s a cheer to the lovely brightness of bougainvilleas:

Bougainvillea Beauties

Tomorrow I’ll explain how I create digital art with PicMonkey, which is really quite simple once you’ve had a bit of a play with all the gizmos.  I usually fiddle around until an image emerges and it hits me in the solar plexus and then I know I’ve created a final image.

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