Sky, Flower, Grass

I am going to spend some time this week trying to work out how Photoshop and Corel operate.  I have a load of plug-ins on each one and haven’t a clue how they all work.  I need to move out of my comfort zone of PicMonkey so we’ll see what happens.

Today I’ve been playing with PicMonkey again and started with a photo I took of a stunning sunset here, fiddled with a few gizmos which made it look darker and more dramatic, then added a layer of a photo of blue convolvulus flowers and then over that a photo I took over a rather nifty grass in our garden – it has lovely long leaves and long catkin-type fronds.  Here’s the result:Sky, Flower, Grass

2 thoughts on “Sky, Flower, Grass

  1. Glad you liked that painting. I’m having a day out today, just fiddled with some bougainvillea pics, I have ups and downs with fibromyalgia and have learned when to rest. But in future posts, I’m going to explain the steps I took to create the image. I am re-naming PicMonkey “Digital Art for Dummies” because even I can work through it, it’s so easy to use, whereas sometimes with Photoshop and Corel I tear my hair out.


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