Bougainvillea Bright Lights

I’ve been busy today working on my two other blogs: one is a book as a blog about my life, experiences and adventures, while the other is about fitness as I decided to commit myself to a fitness regime and thought a blog would encourage me with structure and discipline. So far so good.

But I have found, after creating art every day in the Art Every Day Month November challenge that I enjoy creating some sort of art in addition to writing, it’s become a habit and a need for me and I rather think it heralds quite a change of direction in my approach to creativity.

So today I started off with a photo I took of mimosa leaves against a late afternoon sky here in North Cyprus, fiddled a bit with all the lovely gizmos on PicMonkey, then superimposed photos I took of three differentlly coloured bougainvilleas in our garden – one red, one orange and the other magenta.  Here’s the result, Bougainvillea Bright Lights:

Bougainvillea Bright Lights

4 thoughts on “Bougainvillea Bright Lights

    1. Hadehaa – just seen I can leave an individual reply. Yes, bougainvillea colours are brilliant. Two of my friends here have bougainvilleas growing over their patios and it looks brilliant when all the colours mix together.


  1. It’s a lovely plant. When we moved to Queensland we planted some thinking it would grow fairly respectably as it had done in Perth, Western Australia. Well, Qld is hot and wet and the wretched things went completely rampant. One in particular had huge thorns and we were always pruning them, didn’t like the idea of waking up in the morning and finding bougainvilleas wrapped around us!


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