Tearing Down the Walls: The Path of the Heart – Art Every Day Month November 28

It’s amazing the highways and by-ways you end up exploring with digital art.  I started off with one image that I’d worked on a while back and left for a while, decided it definitely wasn’t quite what I liked, then started working to add layers and more layers.  I finally ended up by adding an overlay of a photo of the Apothecary’s Rose in our garden – a rose which is ancient and historic to the Turkish region, along with butterflies for transformation.  For the first time I added in a layer of wall and when I’d finished – and I know I’m finished when I get an “aha!” moment – I felt that this was about tearing down the walls we put up between ourselves, between nations, between religions, between young and old people, between people of different colours, and so on.  Underneath we are all the same and the urgent work is to open our hearts and tear down the barriers between us all.

Tearing Down Walls...The Way of the Heart
Tearing Down the Wales – the Way of the Heart

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