Red: The Colour of Power, Passion and Pain: Art Every Day Month November 26

I posted a pic of myself on Facebook in the new red jumper I ordered from Debenham’s in the UK and which arrived here in North Cyprus yesterday. I was really surprised at how many people said they thought red suited me. So today’s project is a surrealistic selfie with me wearing read and surrounded by red.

There’s an emotional history of me and the colour red .At one stage in my life I could not bear the colour, either in clothes or in any Mosey Rosey 2decorations in our home. I found out over time that I can sense people’s feelings and that hidden anger was one feeling which affected me deeply. I could pick up on my father’s hidden rage and aggression which really used to come to the fore when he was very drunk. I’d attend meetings at work and feel drained afterwards because I could sense that people were really angry but weren’t expressing that anger.

Although I didn’t realise it, red not only means passion, groundedness, ability to act, to make your way in life, when it’s out of sync and over-energised it can also embody aggression, rage and anger. So sub-consciously red for me was a complete no-brainer because I was picking up all the negative energies around this colour.

When I lived in Boonah, Queensland, and had been working with colours and becoming more aware of their meanings, I firstly introduced one red candle into our house, in the dining room not in our living room. I actually felt quick sick at even looking at the colour, but gradually became acclimatised although never hugely enthusiastic. Then I introduced a second candle and you have no idea how difficult this was for me!  I finally got a round red rug which I placed near the entry to our home and managed to survive with that much red in the house although it felt very daring to me.

In 2002 I returned to the UK with my husband as my father descended into full-scale alcoholism and an absolutely chaotic, destructive lifestyle. After we returned in 2004 and were living in Western Australia, I had to fly to Brisbane to try to sort out my father’s finances which were in a right pickle and which he couldn’t sort out himself as he’d had multiple strokes, couldn’t communicate clearly and was hardly mobile.

It was the first time my father allowed me to handle his financial affairs and we reached a sort of truce, I guess, as he was in a terrible state and had to accept help which he’d always been too stubborn to accept before.  On the way home with a friend, we stopped off at a shopping centre for a meal and I saw a red top which really attracted me. My friend goggled when I said I was going to try the top on and said: “But, Mo, you NEVER wear red!” which, of course, was quite right. But when I popped the top on in the change room, it was as if some deep shift had happened in between. I glowed in a colour I’d hated before and I felt fantastic. I decided to keep the top on and when I walked out, my friend was amazed. She kept saying how different I looked and she was right.

I had lost my fear of red, I’ve done a lot of work on myself and feel I’m now in my full power in my mid-‘sixties and I’m happy to have that colour in my life. These two pics are of myself and my husband and I’m wearing a long, bright red dress, and the other of a collage I created which is beside my work desk.


Bryan & myself at the Silver Rocks restaurant in North Cyprus
Bryan & myself at the Silver Rocks restaurant in North Cyprus
Wild, Witchy Women Dance
Wild, Witchy Women Dance

2 thoughts on “Red: The Colour of Power, Passion and Pain: Art Every Day Month November 26

    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment, Julie. I know what you mean about colours – I have to make sure that any red I’m wearing has a lot of blue in it. If the yellow is too strong or I wear yellow I too look washed out, like Typhoid Mary. I’m wearing orange at present, but it’s an orange with blue tones rather than yellow so it looks okay.


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