Spiritual Healing – Art Every Day Month November 25

I thought I’d do something a bit different today for AEDM: some digital art and accompanying music.

I’ve called this piece of digital art: Spiritual Healing, because it reminds me of swimming down into the depths of emotions, releasing that which holds us back from our essence, and opening to unconditional love which fuels our heart and soul. It is created from a seascape, a spirit figure which emerged from a photo of a firework, and a piece of rainbow obsidian with a double heart.

Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing

I was actually opened up to the concept of unconditional love when my gorgeous little dog was run over by a bus and killed back in 1993. The night after her death, I saw her walking away from me in golden light. She turned to look, as if saying a final goodbye, and a voice said: “She came to teach you unconditional love, and now her work is done. She needs to move on.” And then the golden light and image of Chloe faded away.

That dream changed my life and this digital art is a tribute to Chloe and her role in opening my heart up.

Then I decided to add in one of my favourite reggae songs: Spiritual Healing by Toots Hibbert.


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Healing – Art Every Day Month November 25

  1. Your image is beautiful – and reading the story of Chloe was profound also. I wish you could see the smile on my face as I listen to this wonderful song, too, and I especially love that I am “listening to a record” – fantastic.

    So glad to visit today via aedm2013. So many fantastic artists to discover.connect.reconnect with every day!


  2. This is a beautiful piece and I love that some of your inspiration came from merging different elements together. I’ve never heard of rainbow obsidian – my boys love obsidian but we haven’t seen this type so now I am curious.

    Thank you for sharing the occurrence with your dog. You two were very close, connected and it shows. Bless her and the loveliness she has shared with you. Gotta say I got a bit choked up.


    1. Thanks, rainbow obsidian is beautiful, needs to be polished to see the colours. As for Chloe, I still get choked up too, it was a long while until I could look at a photo of her or talk about her because I still get choked up, I felt a piece of my heart had been ripped out.


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