Calderas & Kangaroos: Art Every Day Month November 23

I’ve had a difficult day today with a flare-up of fibromyalgia which has left me with what I call “The Glums” – you get a bout of depression all of a sudden plus body aching all over, but you know that The Glums won’t last, doesn’t need medication, just waiting it out, muttering “This too will pass” and then you’ll wake up and it’s gone.

So as I didn’t feel like creating art, I decided instead to revisit and revise photos I took when my husband and I took our friend, on holiday from the UK, to visit the Border Ranges National Park which is close to where we used to live in Woodenbong on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.

We stopped at a parking area to have a look around the rainforest and got talking to a park ranger who told us to visit The Pinnacle Lookout, pointing to a nearby sign. He assured us that no visit to the national park was complete without visiting this area.

Caldera of Ancient Volcano, The Pinnacle, Border Ranges National Park, northern New South Wales
Caldera of Ancient Volcano, The Pinnacle, Border Ranges National Park, northern New South Wales

So we climbed upwards through the rainforest and then emerged suddenly onto a platform which was an outcrop of rock leaning out into the caldera of an ancient, extinct (luckily!) volcano. We were literally standing on air, suspended high above the absolutely amazing view.  We were absolutely gobsmacked.  It was a stupendous view, stretching for miles to the east, north and south, but the most amazing aspect was the absolute silence.  Dead silence. Not a sound, not even a bird-call.  I think this is one of the most awesome places I’ve ever visited, it just took your breath away.

So here are the photos and I’ve also chucked in one of Mt Lindesay which is close to Woodenbong and is quite different from Wollumbin (Mt Warning) on the coast. When you walk on Mt Warning (just at the bottom levels as its sacred to the Bundjalong tribe of that area and they ask you not to climb the mountain) it is warm, welcoming and friendly. When you look at Mt Lindesay, it is dark, threatening with big,  invisible “Keep out” signs.  I found out during our stay at Woodenbong that a cave in the mountain was used by senior Aboriginal law men to sing a person to sleep, in other words, to death..

Mt Lindesay 2
Mt Lindesay
Caldera, Pinnacle Lookout
Another view from The Pinnacle Lookout – the shadows are from the clouds
Caldera, Lookout 3
Looking down into the caldera
Calder, Pinnacle Lookout - Mt Warning
Looking from The Pinnacle Lookout to the coast and Wollumbin (Mt Warning)
Caldera,  Pinnacle Lookout 2
Another view of the caldera – you get some idea of how high we were from the tiny houses on the valley floor

And just for the finale, I’ve added in a photo I took of a mob of semi-tame kangaroos which used to live on the reserve of a convention centre outside of Boonah, on the other side of the Border Ranges in Queensland, where we used to live.

And yes, we Geriatric Gypsies – myself and my husband – have moved around a lot, but you never know, we might just be settled in North Cyprus! Kangaroos at Boonah

5 thoughts on “Calderas & Kangaroos: Art Every Day Month November 23

  1. Wow! Stunning views!! I love the kangaroos too!! 🙂 Sorry to hear your Fibro was flaring, I know how that feels! *hugs* xx


    1. Thanks, Chrissy – the ‘roos were amazing, they just sprawled as if they were posing for the photos, real hams! Thanks for the thoughts about the fibro, I call it the Fibro Follies because you never know what’s going to happen next. Makes for an interesting life.


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