For Roses of Love – Art Every Day Month November 19

To my surprise I came across some extra tools in PicMonkey which I hadn’t realised existed: namely, the ability to create a blank canvas and build a picture with the various gizmos.  I had enormous fun fiddling with all the different bits and pieces and here’s the result: the rose in the middle is Blue Moon and I photographed it in our garden in Bowraville, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia.  When we lived in Fremantle, south of Perth in Western Australia, we used to plant roses when we lost relatives or pets.

For Roses of Love
For Roses of Love

7 thoughts on “For Roses of Love – Art Every Day Month November 19

  1. The second day in a row I’m able to see a comment box. And a perfect day it is, too. What a great rose. I’ve never used PikMonkey, but I understand it is quite a powerful program. And I like the concept of planting roses when a family member dies.


  2. I love the complex vibrancy in serenity of your blog, I especially love that rose above wow, I also love the way that your blog is a portal indeed and auric watering hole filled lots and lots of uplifting insights and wisdom. Very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry


    1. Thank you very much, Barry, those are lovely, encouraging words. I’ve been working through your own blog, enjoying it very much but couldn’t find a place to leave a comment, so here it is via my own blog: great stuff, good to see someone who really knows what the shamanic path is and is serious about your commitment and not one of those who play around with shamanism without realising its depath and extraordinary power. Very best wishes to you too, Mo


  3. Hi Mo, most generous of you indeed and ha ha, yes no comments on my blog which I know really frustrates those full of angst and the me, me, me brigade et al. But I trust that those who really need to communicate with me will do so for that is the way of things and in truth I’m already at one with such souls anyway. That said; have a wonderfully uplifting, yet equally serene sort of day whilst continuing to effervesce and sparkle as you do, therein; rejoicing in all of your exceptional and exponential potential too.

    Sincere regards, Barry

    Namaste until I pop by again 🙂


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