Playing with Larimar – Art Every Day Month November 16

We have had three days of power cuts, interrupted power due to replacing our hot water tank on the roof, and trouble with our internet connection, plus our dogs getting hysterical over the men who came to install our new water tank (the old one sprang a leak, not a good thing when it’s on a rooftop!).

Journeys of the Heart
Light of Larimar
Light of Larimar
Mo - Larimar
Mo & Larimar pendant

Luckily, a friend of mine picked up a Larimar pendant for me while she was in Istanbul, Turkey, buying jewellery for her market stalls here in North Cyprus.  Larimar is a lovely stone, found only in the Dominican Republic, and is very associated with sea and emotions. It has had a lovely calming effect on me which I really, really appreciate!

So firstly I took a photo of myself with a t-shirt in Larimar-like colours I bought in the UK in 2004 (never say I don’t hang on to favourite clothes) and wearing the Larimar pendant. Then I played with a couple of photos, and created two pieces – one a surreal image with myself wearing the Larimar superimposed  over a painting of Larimar-like colours, and then I used a plug-in on Photoshop to create the painting, Journeys, which has a Dow crystal at the centre, with – lurking underneath – a photo of a pansy with a lovely butterfly in its petals. Why I’ve called it Journeys of the Heart is beyond me, it just seemed to suggest travelling around a bit in matters of the heart.

2 thoughts on “Playing with Larimar – Art Every Day Month November 16

    1. Thank you, Michelle, I really appreciate your comments. And I’m really glad I tripped over AEDM again because it’s given me a discipline and focus for creating art on a regular basis. Plus it’s lovely seeing everyone else’s work. Take care.


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