Olive Trees, Water, Stars

One of the things I like to do when I go for a walk is to take photos of ordinary stuff like leaves on the ground or grasses because they’re so versatile in surreal art.   A couple of days ago I walked along the low wall at the back of our parking area and took some photos of leaves on the floor, fallen fruit of the hawthorn bushes and another one of an olive tree with some grasses in the foreground.

These trees are fascinating me at the moment, not just for the lovely grey colour of their bark and leaves, but because of their longevity and because they provide people with wood for fires, olives to eat and olive oil to use in cooking and heating.

So this afternoon I worked on photos of grasses and an olive tree and grasses, with watery and starry gizmos overlaid because I’ve just downloaded a Topaz plug-in for Photoshop which creates all sorts of starry and light images. The resulting photo I called: Olive Trees, Water, Stars because to me it’s a fusion of the earthiness of olive trees, the water which they need occasionally to stay alive and which refreshes us, and the stars because they connect us with the galactic energies interwoven into our hearts and souls. The original photo is below also.

Olive Tree, Water, Stars
Olive Tree, Water, Stars
Grasses & Olive Tree
Grasses & Olive Tree

3 thoughts on “Olive Trees, Water, Stars

      1. Hi TCC, when we can appreaciate that which was here long before us and that which will be here long after we’ve gone. Well that’s the point when we begin not only to understand but to truly accept that; we know that we know. After that, everything makes perfect sense.

        As ever extending my warm wishes and sincere regards, keep on doing what you’re doing because what you’re doing is helping to raise the vibration of this beautiful old planet. Barry


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