Wild at Heart

After my cranky start today, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I suddenly decided that I really was fed up to the eyeballs with my painful hip and that the time had come to start moving a heck of a lot more to work on alleviating the pain.  I tend to get absorbed with creating art or writing and forgetting to move my body.

So, feeling inspired, I suddenly decided to do some knee-bends (holding onto the kitchen counter, I’m not completely batty!) and – to my surprise – I managed some fairly deep bends. My bum yelled “Hi” to me knees as it sank past them and they yelled “G’day” back, both in a tone of surprise because I can’t remember if I’ve EVER done knee-bends. And then my husband said, smart-arse that he is: “That’s not a very deep knee-bend” so I thought “I’ll show you” and promptly did even deeper knee-bends.  it was a hell of a surprise that I could so so much and so far, so good, no side-effects.

Inspired by this burst of action and a need my body is expressing to keep moving, I’ve also been for a walk and done the exercises prescribed by the physio treating me since the dogs tripped me up and I had a close encounter with the very hard floor of the patio. It’s rock hard I’ve discovered and I tend to bounce a bit when I fall until I like there with the breath knocked out of me. On the positive side, after five falls (three courtesy of the dogs tripping me up) there are no broken bones so I guess I don’t have osteoporosis which is always heartening at 66.

So these are the two digital art pieces I created after my earlier post, reflecting the lift in my spirits after my grumpy start to the day, plus a poster for myself which I’ll run off to inspire me to dance, move, walk and generally get my arse into gear! The poster uses images I’ve collected from the internet so it’s not one I’ll be posting for sale in on-line art galleries as my rule is to use only images I’ve created for myself.

Wild at Heart
Wild at Heart
Dance & Move
Dance & Move


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