Diving into Emotions: Art Every Day Month November 11

I’m always quite surprised where art takes me when I start working with an image, as I’d intended working on a more earthy, vibrant, passionate painting.  That came next!

Diving the Depths of Emotions
Diving the Depths of Emotions

This started off with an image I created from a photo I took of fireworks exploding in front of our verandah here in Alsancak, on the north coast of North Cyprus. The Merit Hotel, a 5-star hotel slightly to the right of us and right on the shores of the Mediterranean often puts on fireworks displays and we get a free, front-row seat. The past two times I have stood on the balcony and taken heaps of shots of the fireworks which have left me with plenty of images to play with in surreal art.

I then played with the original image with various plug-ins and some gizmos from my favourite, PicMonkey, then superimposed a photo of a hibiscus from another digital work I created earlier.

I was actually feeling quite emotional and cranky when I woke up after a restless night when my right hip gave me a lot of pain and kept me awake.  My husband and the dogs scarpered as I was pretty snappy and I’ve gradually become more better-tempered after working on this piece of art!

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