Agate Grass – Art Every Day Month November 10

Today I played around with a photo I took of grass – altered it with a Photoshop plug-in, changed the colours with PicMonkey, then super-imposed a photo I took yesterday of a rather lovely orange agate stone from Agate Creek in Queensland.  Agate LeavesIt’s amazing what you can create when you fiddle around with all the different gizmos and plug-ins that are available now for digital art.

I also spent a nice, quiet time taking photos yesterday of grasses and leaf litter as I think it’s important not to overlook the more simple objects in nature.

Along with these photos and those of various crystals, I’ve stored the images for later use in digital and surreal art.

Amazing what you do see though when you stop and look at landscape with an eye to the small stuff rather than the larger trees or mountains or sea.

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