This is some art I’ve been playing with today after my earlier post as part of Art Every Day Month November.  I was checking through my photos and came across an amazing one I took when we  were living in Woodenbong, in far north New South Wales.

The village was on the edge of an ancient caldera and the energies there were fierce and creative. I did most of my goddess paintings there but today I came across an amazing photo of a sunset.  I’ve taken it and played with it, firstly creative a simple surreal painting (if surreal is every simple!), and then I added a photo I took of a spider and it’s web on the outside of our window at night.  I really like the result, as spider is about creativity and it’s my totem.Exif_JPEG_422

The first two paintings are new, the last two are the original photographs.

Fire & Creation
Sunset on Volcano’s Edge



Spider photographed on outside of window at night
Sunset at Woodenbong


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