LOVE AS FIRE – Art Every Day Month 3

I decided to take the plunge yesterday as I’ve clearly been heading in that direction with all the art I’ve been creating and because I’m now consumed by art, so the name of this blog as been dusted, polished and shuffled around to become: The Crazy Crone’s Arty-Farty Studio. It started out a simply Art Studio, but really, how can a Crazy Crone have such a conventional name, so Arty-Farty Studio it is.  I have also changed my Facebook page as well:

This by no means heralds a switch from my occasional rants about social justice – I figure I’m on the road less travelled so a few side leaps into commentary (which I’m going to illustrate through my own personal digital art) is par for the course.

So onwards and upwards, teacups, to the third day of Art Every Day in November. I have been fiddling with a piece of digital art I created

The Fire of Love
The Fire of Love

a while back, I have no idea where the original photo came from, but I loaded it into Photoshop and played around with the Ripple plug-in on the free plug-ins I got from:

I rather like a quote by Teilhard de Chardin about love being as important to the human race as fire. Hate is such a waste of energy, a derailment of one’s heart and soul.  I tried many times to upload this piece with de Chardin’s words and in the end decided that I should heed the message about writing my own words. So I did and hey presto, the photo uploaded as soon as I decided to add my own words about the power of love.

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