KYRENIA & OLIVE – Art Every Day Month 4

We went into Kyrenia today to have lunch with a friend at the Cafe George, right in the heart of the town’s eating area and shopping centre.  I decided to take some snapshots of various scenes in the town centre and create a collage with them, along with some other photos I’d taken in an earlier visit to Kyrenia.

As you walk through this historic port, you see an opening with a narrow road to the sea; or the historic, huge castle suddenly looms down another narrow road; or you go down lots of little laneways and find dinky little shops; or go down the main road and find the Round Tower suddenly looming on your right; or in the centre you come across the old graveyard complete with ancient headstones. And of course, there are photos to take of the people in the town centre – locals, workers, ex-pats and tourists.

However, even though I was going to keep it simple, PicMonkey struck again so, after saving the original collage of scenes in Kyrenia,  I created a surreal vision of Kyrenia super-imposed with a photo of an olive tree in leaf, simply because I’m rather obsessed at the moment with olives and their important role in supporting human beings in one way or another on this island:

Kyrenia & Olive - Surreal
Kyrenia & Olive – Surreal
Cyprus Scenes
Kyrenia Collage


5 thoughts on “KYRENIA & OLIVE – Art Every Day Month 4

    1. We get a really long spring, summer and autumn, and then a short winter with some rain maybe in November, but more in Dec-Feb, if we’re lucky. Water is scarce so we have to be really water-wise – we get mains water for washing, showers and toilet, but have to buy drinking water. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely place to live so buying water is a small price to pay and it is very cheap.


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