SEA, STONES, CACTUS FLOWER – Art Every Day Month 2

I’m a bit obsessed with ideas of water and aridity at present, so today I worked on a photo I took of sea and stones at Lapta Beach,

Sea, Rocks, Cactus Flower
Sea, Rocks, Cactus Flower

just up the Mediterranean coast from our apartment. I fiddled a bit with PicMonkey then superimposed a photo of a cactus flower I took when we lived in Pingelly, which is on the wheatbelt south-east of Perth, in Western Australia.  The flowers only last a few hours so I was lucky my husband noticed them and I was able to get a couple of good photos. Again this is a juxtaposition of elements – water, rock and desert, as where we were living in PIngelly was very dry and arid.

I went back to the basic picture to see what it would look  like with a ripple effect but it simply didn’t feel right, so I decided to leave it as is. Sometimes you can overwork art, and sometimes it’s better to know when enough is enough.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit an olive orchard up the main road from here and take some photos of the trees there, as I’m fascinated with their bark, their longevity and their sturdiness.

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