OLIVE TREES & WATER – Art Every Day 1

Each day in November Leah Piken Kolidas hosts an “Art Every Day”.  It’s not a competition but a sharing among women artists of work they create during this month.

The last time I participated was when I was living in Bowraville on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Here in North Cyprus I saw a mention of this event a while back so this is the first day of participating.  I’ll be posting a piece of digital art every day throughout November, something which will hopefully help my creativity and discipline.

Today’s painting is: Olive Trees & Water, which interests me because olive trees exist in dry climates and don’t need a lot of rain.  Here in North Cyprus you see heaps of olive groves – the trunks a pale grey and the leaves, well, olive green!  Rainfall here is low and has dropped 25% over the past few decades, so when rain turns up on this island, no-one complains!

So here’s my first post for November:

Water & Olive TreesThis piece of digital art has a base of a photo I took of mimosa leaves against the late afternoon sky.  I then altered that image with a plug-in for ripples, then super-imposed photos I took recently of two olive trees in the field behind our apartment.  I love olive trees, they are mostly very old and look so sturdy and intriguing with all the bark intertwined on their trunk.

7 thoughts on “OLIVE TREES & WATER – Art Every Day 1

    1. Haven’t been able to reply before as my computer’s had the gremlins. I love olive groves, something very calming about the subtle green-grey foliage and I love those ancient trunks with all their lines.


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