Surreal Mania

Amehtyst Light
Amethyst Love – kind words for those in need of inspiration and support.
Coastal Scene & Bellapais Abbey Ruins
Coastal scene in North Cyprus overlaid with a photo the ruins at Bellapais Abbey, in the hills just outside of Kyrenia.
Dance of the Heart
Dance fo the Heart – an earlier digitally altered image of a Tibouchina flower, overlaid with a digitally altered image of a firework exploding in front of our apartment in North Cyprus.
Gaia Rose – A surreal image of 3 Apothecary rose blossoms super-imposed over other, with a final layer of a painting I created in Northern New South Wales, Australia, called Gaia and created with acrylics and earth elements.
Love - Engine of the Universe
Digital art created from a Munjina rock in my crystal collection, overlaid with symbolic images from PicMonkey, an on-line art programme.
Iris Light
Iris Light – surrealistic image created by combining a digitally altered photo of a firework exploding with a photo I took of a native iris in our garden when we lived on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.
Mo's Poster 1 - Small
Mo’s Poster – a business card I created for myself.
Munjina Fireworks – a digitally altered image of a Munjina rock in my crystal collection superimposed with a photo of an exploding firework, also digitally altered.
Olive Quartz Spirit
Olive Quartz Spirit – an image paying tribute to the spiritual nature of the olive – providing wood for heating and cooking; olives to eat; and oil for cooking and food preparation. Super-imposed with an image of a reverse sceptre clear quartz.
Rose Tripled
Rose Tripled – photos of three Apothecary Rose blossoms super-imposed over one another, then digitally worked on with PicMonkey.

I have been having such a grand time creating digital, surreal art that I decided to devote this post to the various pieces I’ve been busy working on.  I’m having a great time, enormous fun, but on a more serious note, I am now getting out of my head the images I’ve longed to create for so long.

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