Tree of Love – Self-Healing

Yesterday a nice piece of synchronicity popped into my life. I looked at a painting I’d done of The Magician which is, for me, about communication, creativity and bringing the spiritual to life on earth, and decided that the painting had done its dash for me in helping me move into art and writing my blog as book.

I wondered idly what to do with it as it’s quite heavy – had a lot of crushed fluorite in the body of The Magician. In the afternoon,  a friend dropped by to get a note from me as he’s taking over our South Cyprus mailbox. He walked into my study, looked at The Magician and said: “I love that”.  So I promptly said: “Take it home with you”.  He looked quite surprised and dithered at first, but when I told him I’d been wondering what to do with the painting, he quite happily tucked it under his arm when he left.

Inner Child Dreaming Healing
Original Tree of Love

In the afternoon, I was having a break and an earlier painting we’ve got on our wall, The Tree of Love, grabbed my attention. I created this in Traralgon, Victoria, when I was working on releasing some of the heavy stuff still stuck to me from my childhood.  It started off very dark at the bottom, with black and a coffin with the old me inside, and a blossom emerging, but then got much lighter towards the top of the painting. I called it “The Tree of Life” but my friend walked in and immediately said: “Tree of Love”. Yesterday afternoon I decided it had done its dash in my life and I needed to get rid of all the dark stuff at the bottom.

So today I got stuck into some digital work on this painting, with two results, firstly, a new version of the Tree of Love, but also a merging of a photo of my face, looking upwards towards the light, with a photo of The Tree of Love, Mk 1, and a bit of fiddling with gizmo goodies on PicMonkey.  For me, it’s a giant healing process and, I think, probably reflects how very happy I’ve been since I really embarked on working with digital art and writing regularly on my book as blog.

Tree of Love
New “Tree of Love”

Tree of Love - Healing

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