This digital art is called “Truth”.Exif_JPEG_422

It  is dedicated to the thousands of young students in France who demonstrated to protest at the deportation of a young Roma lass, Leonarda Dibrani.

She was forced to get off a bus full of classmates during a school outing before being deported to Kosovo on October 9 with the rest of her family.

The open-heartedness of the young people in France is wonderful.  It’s a contrast to the 70% who have hardened their hearts, turned their backs on those in need and supported the police actions.

I think it’s brilliant to see so many thousands of young people, the hope of the future, refusing to embrace the racism promoted by the extreme right and taken up by a government hoping to get easy votes.

It might be remembered that, while Jewish people died in their millions in concentration camps, so did an estimated Estimates of the  220,000 to 1,500,000 Romanies, who were sent there by Nazi Germany in an effort to exterminate the Romany nation.

People shut their eyes and hearts to what was happening in those concentration camps where millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, student activists, union officials, anyone deemed to be an enemy of the state were systematically murdered.

The demonisation of the Roma people across Europe follows in the footsteps of Nazi Germany and has alarming overtones of attitudes in that fascist nation.

Open our hearts, embrace love for our fellow human beings and say: Never again, not in our name!

Welcome, All People

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