I sometimes feel like smacking my forehead and shouting “Duh!” because I’ve seldom posted the digital art I’ve been creating on thIS blog.  So from now on, there will be a lot of digital art plus the occasional general post from me, but I can feel myself changing directions in a huge way now that I’ve discovered digital art plus different gizmos which help me create the images in my mind.

So here’s one which is really very dear to me.Rainforest Spirit It is created from a photo I took of rainforest at Wollumbin (Mt Warning) on the far north coast of New South Wales. Where I used to live at Woodenbong, inland from the coast, there was a powerful mountain called Mt Lindesay which looks malevolent and intimidating. It gave off a forbidding energy, warning people not to come close, and I found out later that there was a cave in the mountain where Aboriginal medicine elders would sing people to sleep, that is, kill them.

On the other hand, when you stepped onto the soil of Wollumbin, you could feel an ancient energy which was welcoming and embraced you, quite different. Out of respect for the Bundjalung people of that region who regarded Wollumbin as sacred, we didn’t go any further than the very lower reaches, as they request that you don’t climb the mountain.  But it was a beautiful experience to have felt such ancient, loving energy and see the fantastic rainforest.

And while I was living in Victoria, I met a lass who had found two large, powerful stones under a Boab tree and brought them home with her.  You have to be careful with picking up objects in nature, particularly if they are connected to Aboriginal ritual work and I did feel it would have been preferable to have left them in place, but that might be wishful thinking, I’m not sure.

So recently I reworked a photo I took of the stone and dancing spirits – linked with lightning and storms – emerged as I fiddled around. So I have combined these spirits from what I call the Boab stone with the rainforest of Wollumbin, and hope those spirits – if they do miss their homeland in the Northern Territory – at least welcome a connection  through Wollumbin.  These are the original photos with the Boab stone underneath.

More Wollumbin forest Boab Spirit Dancers 1NT Boab Stone 1

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