The Stars Singing to Earth
The Stars Singing to Earth

This past week has been a bit of an eye-opener for me.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring digital art, which really took off when I found a gizmo on Photoshop where you can drag colours around and create amazing patterns from the base picture. Then this week I joined an on-line class learning how to layer photos using pics of yourself then adding layers over them. It creates quite mysterious images and it is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

The photo I created above had as its base a photo I took when I visited The Pinnacle in the Border Ranges National Park in far northern New South Wales.Another view of caldera rim You walk out onto a rocky outcrop where you are overlooking a huge natural bowl which seems to stretch forever. And the amazing thing was the absence of any noise. Total and absolute silence with a magnificent view. Awe-inspiring!

Shamanic Dream Spirit
Shamanic Dream Spirit

So I overlaid this with a piece of digital art I’d created of a spirit energy in a Brazilian Shamanic Dream stone I used to caretake but which now resides with someone else.

The art piece which results is  centre above.  I used PicMonkey to merge the two photos and added in stars, because this photo reminds me of the story of Laurens van der Post, explorer and mystic. He is supposed to have stayed with Kalahari Bushmen in the desert. One night they asked him if he could hear the stars singing. And he said no. So then they took him further away from the encampment and asked him if now he could hear the stars. And he said no again. The Bushmen looked at him in pity and disbelief. And so my art piece above reflects who I think it would look if we could listen to the stars and hear their song.

In all this I’ve discovered my love for digital art, something I used to think wasn’t “real art” because it didn’t involve paint and brushes but which for me is as real as the art I used to create with canvas and paints.  It’s really revolutionised my life because I intend to devote a greater part of my time now to creating digital art, as well as spending time writing.  My aim is to combine the two – to create art and maybe just post it or, where appropriate, add in some comments if the photo appears to relate to something on my mind.

So – new horizons at 66 and a fresh impetus of energy for new projects taking shape in my mind. Ain’t no stopping this purple-haired Crazy Crone!


  1. I love it too. I’ve used a kindle app to create a couple of abstract pics to accompany my posts. I encourage you. The creative rush you appear to feel now will become a mighty wind! Have you tried Art Rage? I made the logo on my blog with it.


  2. Thanks, Rita, I love the idea of a mighty wind! So far I’ve been using Photoshop and Corel, but really baby steps at present, and I added in PicMonkey this week. So I’ll have a look at Art Rage too. Can’t have too many toys to play with!


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