My very own Chi Gung practice

emily-kame-kngwarreye-blue-painting.jpegLast night and this morning I could hear the Mediterranean shooshing away in the background.  We only live five minutes from the sea and I love the fact that we are close to water yet we have a rather imposing mountain formation running down parallel to the coast, again about five minutes from us and parallel to the coast.

So this morning I decided to start a sort of Chi Gung regime out on the small balcony beside my study.  I stood facing the paddock in front of me which, at this time of the year, is dry and arid but which will green up when the rains come in November-December, a little, then January-February, a lottle, hopefully, as Cyprus is a very dry island.

On my left is the Besparmak mountain range, about five minutes away, on my right is the Mediterranean.

I started out with my hands over my heart centre to get focused, then raised my left hand to the sky with the palm up and my right hand to the earth with my palm down. Then I brought both arms back to my heart centre and envisaged a unity of air and earth energies within me. I did this three times.

Then I did what I call the Angel Wings exercise which I found in a rather obscure video when I was living in the UK from 2002-4. I stood with both feet slightly apart, then leant back slightly and as I did so I brought my arms back, spread out, then swept them forward as if sweeping up spiritual energy and, as I did so, I leaned forward on my left food, Then, again, I brought both hands back to my heart centre and envisaged it filling with spiritual energy (whatever takes your fancy, if you feel  like doing this exercise). Did this two more times, then repeated it on the right side, sweeping back arms, sweeping them forward to scoop up positive energies and stepping forward onto my right food this time, returning my hands to my heart centre, folding my palms inwards over each other.Blue Moon Rose

Then I added on an another little exercise I created for myself years ago, forgot and recalled when I was teaching a recent Healing with Crystals workshop:f

a) brought my hands together at my heart centre again, then raised my arms to the sky, with palms slight apart, until they stretched upwards, then turned my  palms out and swept my arms down to my side, envisaging spiritual/air/light energy pouring in and filling my energy field. Did this tree times.

b) turned my palms down to the earth in front of me, arms parallel, then slowly lowered them to the earth, bending my knees at the same time, and slowly rose again. I did this three times, envisaging myself rising and falling on the waves of energy flowing through the earth.

c) then I put both palms together over my heart centre, raised them to the sky again but this time with the palms pressed together and then, once I’d stretched right up, turned the palms out and brought them forcefully in a circle back down beside my legs. And while doing so, I envisaged creating a field of energy around me to protect my energy field.  I actually envisage a net of peacock song which I pinched from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, it feels good to me, and I envisage it letting in whatever energies I need and releasing energies that are superfluous to my needs.  I feel that I’m open to whatever I need rather than creating a glass bubble or whatever, as sometimes negative energies can teach you lessons you need.

And as I do all this, I ask for whatever is in my highest interests and the highest interests of the Universe.

When I finished together by bringing my hands together over my heart centre, I found myself dedicating myself to love, to the good of humanity and to the highest way to carry out my purpose for being on this planet.

And then I finished with a huge lick and cuddle from our smallest dog, Milly, and our nutty dog, Ziggy, who thought Mum was barking mad and wanted to welcome her back to the real world!

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