Blogging on the road less travelled

I’ve read a lot of advice about blog writing, a lot of which suggests focusing on one subject or theme so that you can build up followers.

Well, the point of my blog is that I write about what interests me or catches my attention or what I feel passionate about, so it jumps all over the place – the road less travelled, you might say.  And I really couldn’t care less about writing on a specific theme to attract more followers.

I write what interests me and I hope that people follow my blog because they find what I write interesting or it has Dancing Fire_edited-1something to offer them.

I have to admit that I have no idea bout blog etiquette either. If someone likes my blog, I understand (I think) that it’s good for me to like their blog in return because it makes my blog more publicly available.  I remember I followed one blog because I found it interesting, only to find from a feedback comment that the writer just bopped around “liking” or “following” other people’s blogs to build her own audience. I think that’s a crap way to use people and it doesn’t interest me in the least.

So now, if I follow a blog, it’s because I find it interesting and it has something to offer my life. So I’m happy to say I like or follow someone else’s blog, if I get a sense that they have something in common with me and help the quality of my life, as i hope my writings improve the quality of their life. But I won’t endorse blogs who like or follow me if I think it’s a way to bump up their numbers.

I thought I’d pop this in because I’ve switched in the past two posts from social justice to fashion. And just to add to the travelling road, my next post is about my mantras for social justice!

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