In my last post, I talked of the changes I was making in my office. Well, I have made even bigger changes since then.

I have decided to write my book as a blog.  It is far more flexible, more fun and allows me to post photos or videos and other inter-active material as and when I want and when it’s appropriate.

Here’s the link to my book blog, The Crazy Crone – Living a Wild & Adventurous Life  if you’d like to follow it:


And if you’re a fan of Facebook instead, here’s my  new Facebook page for my book:


I love creating digital art so I’ve also decided to focus on that. My conventional art gear is packed up and I shall be selling it all in due course.

Digital art suits me down to the ground because it lets me get all the ideas out of my head which I haven’t been able to create on canvas. At the same time, due to degeneration in spinal damage and increasing hip pain, I can spend less time sitting at my desk so it’s not so painful. Office - tidy, Aug 25 2013

And because North Cyprus is fairly isolated, I don’t have to worry about buying supplies overseas which would then need to be mailed here adding to cost. And instead of high costs to post any art orders overseas, I can simply post images on the European Artflakes art sales outlet, and on Fine Art America which is a similar outlet, where people can place orders, the two art sites organise printing and mailing, and I receive a commission on sales.

Moving on: in the spirit of clearing out, I’ve got rid of my spare table and unpacked my remaining crystals as I’ve also renewed my link with rocks, crystals and stones. It feels great to be able to pore over my little crystal buddies again and my workroom feels charged by their presence.

Cyrstal collectionI just admit that this upheaval has really come out of the blue but it just feels right so I’m going with my gut feeling.  I do feel heaps better and lighter and I’m enjoying the space in my workroom now. Not only does it look far less cluttered, I can indulge in my love of dancing which is a great way for me to exercise and loosen up.

Onwards and upwards, teacups!

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