All Change

When I started the 22-day intuitive art course I’m following, I decided to create an altar for The Empress andThe Empress this is the result. But it’s a case of first you get a little, then you get a lottle!  I have my favorite crystals set up in a cupboard with the doors taken off. And as I cleared the lowest shelf for the altar, I decided I’d re-arrange all my crystals  which then led to me re-arranging my whole study!

In the main I’ve had my worktables lined up against the wall in a line by the window overlooking the Besparmak Mountains  to keep an open space in my workroom. But this time I decided that I was fed up shuffling back and forth between the tables and the shelving with my art materials on it, when I’m creating art. So I moved one of the tables at right angles beside my art materials which means I can just reach for them as I need them.  Much more useful!

Then I had a set of shelving baskets left plus some candles, so they were moved to the window, with the candles on top and at the front my singing bowl from Tibet.  I’ll just have tot keep an eye on the candles, though, as they’re near the hot window and I don’t want them to  melt and droop, although they are pretty solid so I’ll keep my fingers crossed they survive the summer heat okay here in North Cyprus.

Crystal collectionHere are the results:

Study  Office 1 - Aug 2013Office 2 - Aug 2013


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