Creating The Magician

The Magician - Thoth Tarot deck
The Magician – Thoth Tarot deck

A while back I was working on a nightmare I had a few years ago which I sorted out using the Tarot.  One of the images which has been haunting me ever since is The Magician, the first card in The Tarot after The Fool.  The Magician is my card, it comes up so often in Tarot readings or if I’m picking a daily Tarot card for myself, it’s quite amazing. So I decided to create a painting of The Magician to really embrace the energy of this card and allow it full rein in my life.

I drew the image a while back but couldn’t work out how to fill the body until I found myself fiddling around with digital art created from a polished fluorite tower I used to own which I dropped. Fluorite is very brittle so it shattered but, nevertheless, I kept the pieces. This is a photo of the tower, when it was in one piece, and some of the art I created from the image:

Fluorite tower Dancing lights Flourite seas Fluorite illuminated Fluorite Waterfall 1 Fluourite HadesThen I realised that Fluorite encourages the unity of the heart (emotion, feeling, psychic opening, love, sensation) with the head (intellect, logic, reason, thinking), and it’s the perfect stone for the body of The Magician – which is bringing the magic of the Universe into the light of day on Earth.

So here’s the painting which emerged over the past few days:

The Magician The body is composed of pieces of  fluorite.  I got my husband to crush the larger pieces so that I could fill the body with pieces of this lovely crystal, certainly didn’t want to waste it because it wasn’t in one piece any more.

The black around represents the void into which The Magician reaches to bring the magic of the universe into life on earth. There are four clear quartz crystal points in each corner to represent east, west, north and south; earth, fire, air and water. The wand the Magician is holding is a kyanite wand with a clear quartz sphere and garnet stones, enhancing psychic energy and understanding, in order to bring it to  life at an earthly level and render is useable in material terms; from the hand pointing down to the earth are pouring small hematite tumbled stones representing the transition of universal energy to practical form on earth and at the end of these is a spray of stibnite  which scatters star energy on earth.

Here are close-ups of the pics of Rumi’s work which I felt drawn to add at the end:

Rumi Quote - Scattering starsRumi Purple  Rumi - Surrending to love Rumi - Embrace the Light - PurpleI love the pics and quotes of Rumi, his words really speak to my heart have great emotional input for me. They remind me I need to be more open about what matters spiritually to me. And they remind me of my love of dance and the fact I have great rhythm (even if I am tone deaf and can’t sing for toffee!). 

And finally I walked in this morning to look at the painting and there smirking at me behind the main figure was a shadow figure, plain as daylight and I  hadn’t noticed it the day before.  However, after sitting with it for a while, I decided I really  knew what it represented – to stop holding back my energy, get my physical body moving and exploding into the stratosphere – so added some glitter to transform the energy into positive star stuff.

Hey, no point having small dreams, folks!Animated dancing cat e-mail

2 thoughts on “Creating The Magician

  1. Ah Mo, this is so beautiful……once again you found me and gifted me with exactly the stone I need today ….. and the message that I am, indeed, my own magician….thanks…..with love and hugs


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