As I’ve been working through the emotional issues and release these past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying creating a self-healing piece of artwork.  It relates to releasing all the hurts I’ve swallowed over the years, the happy face I’ve kept on even when I’ve been deeply upset, and my decision to not swallow any hurtful comments in future but to be upfront in being honest and open about how I feel. 

The heart at the centre is, of course, self-explanatory, but the orange background represents the joy I feel in finally being open about my feelings; the yellow the assertion of my self-confidence and self-esteem; the gold the wisdom I’ve learned over the years, ie, learn to stand up for myself; and the glittery sparks representing fireworks to celebrate my steps forward to a new, assertive Mo.  I’m definitely voicing the words: “I am woman, hear me ROAR!”

Heart Healing

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