I’ve been absent for a few weeks due to a rather malevolent stomach bug which knocked me around something shocking.  I’m back in the real world now and taking it easy as my husband had the same bug at the New Year, not as badly as I had, but since it took him a long time to get well, I’m also not rushing things, as is my usual habit.

I certainly haven’t felt up to creating new artwork, but I’ve had great fun creating digital art with Photoshop, using photos I’ve taken of my own artwork, scenery and plants and flowers. Some I’ve already posted, but here’s a new lot I’ve been enjoying creating.

Flower Transformed
Flower Transformed
Psychadelic Mandala
Psychedelic Mandala – Red
Rose diffuse
Rose diffused
Rose diffused
Rose Illuminated


Purple Mandala
Psychedelic Mandala – Purple

2 thoughts on “MORE DIGITAL ART

    1. Thanks, Tanya. It’s funny about being alone – I have great difficulty fitting into physical groups because of past experiences of betrayal in groups, but I really enjoy on-line communities as they’re not threatening and I find them incredibly supportive and non-hierarchical. As it happens, I enjoy teaching small groups of women but I always keep the numbers small – it keeps things intimate and cuts out all the power games and ego-tripping you often find in larger groups.


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