Many years ago I was trying to sort out my relationship with my father.  I was angry and resentful over the bullying and control I’d experienced as a child plus more manipulation by him when I was an adult. I was also trying to cope with his descent into alcoholism and feeling the bitterness of losing my father to the booze and the chaos which ensued. Although it’s a moot point whether I really had my father in my life anyway.

The First Steps of Forgiveness
The First Steps of Forgiveness

I created this painting in an effort to release some of the turmoil I was experiencing. I made the fatal mistake, however, of showing it to an artist who lived in the small country town as me, who made a disparaging comment: “Oh, yes, we’ve all done stuff like that at some time in our lives.”  As I was a beginner in the art stakes, I felt discouraged and put the painting aside. 

I did give it away in the end, when I was moving back to the UK, but luckily I kept a photo which I fished out recently. And today I re-visited this painting and re-worked it digitally to take the final steps in forgiveness and letting the past go to the past where it belongs.  These are the images which I produced through Photoshop (I’ve just come across a neat little tool called “Liquify” which is enormous fun and takes art into quite new dimensions – back to my second childhood!).

Shadow Dances
Shadow Dances

Interestingly, I’ve found that this process has occurred as I’ve been working with homeopathic medicine to effect a healing process which also involves release of old issues.

After creating this digital art, I’ve felt lighter and know that I’ve finally reached a position of forgiveness where I can leave the past where it belongs – in the past. A really great feeling and a shedding of a load on my shoulders, my heart and my soul.

Shadows & Light
Shadows & Light
Dances with Snake Energy
Dances with Snakes – Transformation
Phoenix Dancing - The Joy of Release
Phoenix Dancing – The Joy of Release

2 thoughts on “ART AND FORGIVENESS

  1. Kudos to you Mo for all the deep healing work you’ve done and continue doing. And I have to say I love these digital manipulations! I definitely want to play with liquification.


  2. Thanks, Deborah. And yes, the “liquefy” tool is so much fun I could sit here all day playing with it and chortling with glee at the shapes you can create. There’s ain’t no holding me – and I can do it sitting in a chair without too much effort


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