Well, no, I’m not posting pics of art done by puppies, more like posting pics of art created by a puppy mummy – me!

As I said in my last post, our lives are rather chaotic now we are home to four rescue puppies, two older and two younger.  They all have different personalities, are loving dogs but like all puppies, create mayhem and chaos with their scrapping, garden digging and acts of manic activity. Added to that, one of our dogs has real separation anxiety and it’s only recently we’ve managed to get him sleeping right through the night without waking us and the neighbours with his night terrors.

I know some people would have trotted him off to the vet’s and had  him put to sleep or abandoned him in some back alley, but Ziggy got a bad start to life as we are pretty sure he was abused as a puppy and then dumped.  I believe in a deep spiritual way that the dogs have landed with us for a purpose, although that purpose has yet to make itself known, but at least in Ziggy’s case it’s to help him recover from a lousy start in life.

So once again, in the spirit of making lemonade from lemons, I’ve been enjoying the simple – and easy  – pleasures of taking photos of scenery and then playing with Photoshop to create quite different images.

This week we’ve had strong winds blowing which have produced spectacular sunsets as the clouds have been strung out across the sky, coloured scarlet by the setting sun, and looking like great Sunset in North Cyprus 5skeins of shimmering silk in the skies.  I used the photo on the right as a basis for my Photoshopping expeditions and the results are below. 

I have to be honest and say that I prefer art I’ve created myself with paint, brushes, glitter, glue, etc., but nevertheless I’ve moved away from being a Digital Art Nazi where I’d never countenance art created via a programme like Photoshop to enjoying what you can do with this type of programme, particularly if you need to work on something quickly without distraction.

Viva Puppy Art!

Solar Bubbles
Solar Bubbles
Sunset sparkles
Sunset Sparkles
Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness
Neon Sun
Neon Sun

2 thoughts on “MORE PUPPY ART

  1. Mo love, I am totally with you on the puppy issue…I’m sure with your loving care he will come round and trust you both once he knows for sure he’s safe and loved……
    I do love the photoshopping – what spectacular images – so now you have two sets of images to show – for the next art exhibit – painting and photos – you keep getting better and better
    love ya


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