You know that old saying: When life hands out lemons, make lemonade!

Well, that’s what I had to take on board with one of my paintings. 

I was replacing a couple of small, tumbled, clear quartz stones on a  painting I created in Australia which incorporated paper bark, only found in Australia. And I tucked it under my table to let the glue dry.

You’ll notice that I use the word “incorporated” paper bark, because now it incorporates a lot less paper bark. My black-hearted dogs snitched pieces of the bark while my back was turned and I suddenly found myself with a part-mangled painting.  I was furious and the pooches scarpered quick smart.

So then I sat down at the painting and wondered what I could do with the lemons the dogs had just kindly handed out. Then I remembered a had a whole heap of raw sunstone rock, so I revamped the artwork and here’s the result on the left, with the original on the right: “Earth, Fire, Air & Water” – Earth, Fire, Air, Water Honouring 2009 New Moon Solar Eclipseearth represented by the brown colours and bark; air by the feathers from a pheasant coucal – found in mid-north New South Wales to Queensland and the only cuckoo which makes its own nest; fire from the Mexican fire agate at the four corners and centre; and water from the drops of rain represented by the small, tumbled clear quartz stones and showering down on the earth.

So this is the artwork which helped me make lemonade from lemons. But god help the pooches if they ever stuff up another one of my paintings!


  1. ….and, as always – the painting – lemon or not – is awesome and inspsirational. Clever dogs – they know what looks great –
    love ya


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