Sometimes here in North Cyprus you get the most amazing sunsets with the sun setting on the western horizon like a ball of fire.Moon at Sunset

But sometimes you get a far gentler, softer aspect of the sun gently settling below the horizon and last night was one of them. I managed to get a pic of the moon in the sky, a quarter-one towards the west again. I love the Full Moons on a clear night as the light shines in our bedroom and it’s like having a huge lamp hanging in the sky glowing and lighting up the whole landscape.

I mentioned in my previous post that fibromyalgia has helped me life life in a more conscious way and it is indeed a blessing.  Previously I’d never have noticed what the sky looks like or appreciated it’s different aspects.  I have learned to return to nature, which I loved as a kid, and appreciate the beSunset cloudsauty of the natural world again.

So I hope you enjoy these gentle images of Mother Earth as much as I did looking at them last night.


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