I’ve had a rather aimless few weeks, feeling unmotivated and very lethargic which is a bit weird for me.  Nevertheless, I decided to go with the flow, enjoying the laid-back times and reading heaps of light murder/mystery/romances downloaded onto my Kindle from Amazon.  Nice work, Mo!

But the night before last and early this morning, I had a couple of dreams which seemed to have ironed the kinks out of my system, so hopefully it’s onwards and upwards, teacups, as I am feeling more motivated to get back into action again.

The Chalice of Earth's Bounty
The Chalice of Earth’s Bounty

I haven’t felt like writing but I have been fiddling with art.  This is the painting I’ve been working on which has turned out quite differently to what I had in mind when I started it:

I knew I wanted to work with twigs in one way or another so I went hunting for twigs in the field next door which is pretty much wild, no owners ever turn up. And for this, I might add, I had on sturdy shoes and long trousers as it’s spring, snakes are coming out of hibernation and here in North Cyprus you need to watch for the blunt-nosed viper which is venomous. It’s the only truly poisonous snake in the island but can cause you to feel seriously lousy and snake venom is more concentrated in spring after a snake has been hibernating and stocking up on its venom.

Luckily for me, I didn’t have any close encounters with snakes of any kind and I found the twigs I needed on a pile of dried-up branches piled up close to our apartment.  I tried putting the twigs in a square and then a diamond but that didn’t feel right. So I left them aside and decided to work on the canvas and see what turned up as I didn’t have anything particular in mind.

I had a canvas already primed in black (shop bought) so spread red glitter over, then flicked on blobs of orange paint, and then added streaks of bronze paint straight from the tube. I spread these streaks out with a foam roller, then sprinkled glitter over it before it dried. then I got the urge to create a sort of gold cup with and then had the idea of sticking down small yellow bows, with yellow glass chips pouring out of the cup (or chalice as I came to view it once I’d completed the painting), then I remembered the twigs and put three in between the four rows of yellow glass chips. In the top left-hand corner is a sun with a tiger eye cabochon at its centre.

I sat with this image for a while then felt that the cup represented a chalice, the cup of plenty from the earth, and that it was pouring forth its bounty to share with all sentient beings on earth.  It’s not green but I feel it’s a homage to spring as everything was coming to life as I created the painting: fruit trees in blossom; wild mimosa sending sparkles of yellow to cover the island; wildflowers popping up everywhere; and birds flitting around with the bits and pieces in their beaks needed to make nests.

And while I was pottering with this artwork, I also stuffed around with the “Paint” option on my computer and created the following fun pieces, of which the orange on is the original with the others switched about colour-wise courtesy of Photoshop. Silly stuff but great fun!

Abstract Paintshop

Abstract Paintshop - 1 Abstract Paintshop - 2 Abstract Paintshop - 3

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