As I’ve mentioned before, living in North Cyprus can be a bit of an eye-opener.  There are many guest workers here who leave their families back in their home country and come to this country where they work their guts out to send money to their parents, siblings, wives and children they’ve left behind. I … More WE ARE ALL ONE


In the past week we’ve been witness to the most maudlin’ crap about the former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, and how we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. Oh, bollocks to that.  Thatcher got the opprobrium she deserved. Those who tried to stifle the truth of the people’s voices are the right-wing press and … More THATCHER, THATCHER, THE CHILDREN’S MILK SNATCHER


Sometimes here in North Cyprus you get the most amazing sunsets with the sun setting on the western horizon like a ball of fire. But sometimes you get a far gentler, softer aspect of the sun gently settling below the horizon and last night was one of them. I managed to get a pic of … More A SOFT SUNSET

I’ve had a rather aimless few weeks, feeling unmotivated and very lethargic which is a bit weird for me.  Nevertheless, I decided to go with the flow, enjoying the laid-back times and reading heaps of light murder/mystery/romances downloaded onto my Kindle from Amazon.  Nice work, Mo! But the night before last and early this morning, … More