When we arrived in North Cyprus last year, 2012, we encountered the longest, coldest winter for 30+ years and Spring arrived really late. But this year we’ve had a mild, short winter and spring has turned up nice and early, which is an absolute delight.

Almond blossom, feb 2013
Almond Blossom, Spring 2013

The fruit trees started flowering in February, and it really lifted your spirits to see their blossom appearing so early.

Everywhere you look now, the countryside is yellow with the flowers of the acacia, known as mimosa here, although I rather think I like “mimosa” better.

Today I went for a walk and found a really old olive tree which had been pruned but which is now busy regenerating itself. North Cyprus is covered in groves of olive trees and individual olive trees scattered around.

Old olive tree regenerating
Olive tree regenerating

I also came across some delightful bell-like wildflowers which vaguely resemble snowdrops but are much bigger.

And much to my pleasure, I have been rediscovering the distinctive scent of May blossom on Hawthorn trees. This really takes me back to my childhood when I’d go for long walks into the countryside (now, sadly long gone and covered with housing) and enjoy the fragrant smell of Hawthorn hedges.

Last but not least, I took a photo of some orange blossom.  I have to admit that it was more luck than design that I captured the sunlight filtering through the leaves as I didn’t have my reading glasses with me, so the pic was more by chance and luck than active vision!

I love nature and it’s been a very healing process for me to reconnect with the passion of childhood where I’d spend hours roaming the fields and woods where my grandparents lived in Blackheath, London, or exploring the parks and fields in Ramsgate, Kent, where I spent my childhood.

Wild flowers, spring 2013
Wild flowers, spring 2013

I don’t know if you’ve experienced losing something valuable from your childhood and then rediscovering it but that’s what’s happened with my love of nature. I hug this passion to my heart now and am very comfortable with my need to spend time alone appreciating the wildness of this world and feeling the nurturing of my inner spirit through my connection with the richness of nature and the world around us.


Orange blossom, spring 2013
Orange blossom, Spring 2013
Acacia 2, Spring 2013
Acacia/Mimosa, Spring 2013

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