Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been focused on building my new website:

and as you’ll see I’ve aligned this blog with the title too.  It’s now The Crazy Crone although the domain remains Aphrodite Rising.

I decided I wanted to get focused instead of doing various bits and pieces all over the place. So I’ll keep this blog for my general rants and raves, and the blog sections on my website will be devoted to material in keeping with the focus of The Crazy Crone – fearlessness, integrity, truth and the whole damned shebang.

My progress is somewhat stuttering at times: this past week has been an absolute doozy as far as health has been concerned, starting with a migraine and then finding myself hit for the rest of the week with a good old dose of the Fibro Follies, as I call the various health challenges I’ve faced with fibromyalgia.

A bee that's just been hugged!
A bee that’s just been hugged!

It’s one reason why I want to develop a forum on The Crazy Crone for those interested in growing themselves but also understanding that it’s a case of less speed, less haste and more tender self-care and self-support.

I also intend to set up a monthly newsletter so if you’d like to be included, please let me know via the “reply” section.

So hasta la vista on this blog, on my website  and on my newsletter!

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