This past weekend I bought a beautiful amethyst necklace and suddenly realised how much crystal jewellery I’ve gathered here in North Cyprus.

For some reason, I thought (you know, up in the head stuff) that I wouldn’t be working with crystals any more when I left Australia, but when I looked around here recently I realised I’d been kidding myself.  My heart and soul have still been connecting with crystals, rocks and stones, and at the beginning of April I’m holding a crystal workshop at my home. I guess I really have to accept that I’m a crystal singer, weird though that still seems to me after my early decades of a very logical, intellectual approach to life.

So since I’ve been mugged by the metaphysical world, here are photos of all the crystal jewellery and a couple of rocks and polished wand I’ve accumulated since I arrived in Aphrodite’s Isle:

Amethyst multi-strand necklace
Multi-strand Amethyst necklace
Amethyst bracelet 1
Amethyst Bracelet
Amethyst pendant
Amethyst pendant
Chrysocolla Necklace 1
Chrysocolla Necklace
Amethyst ring 1 - Copy
Amethyst ring – middle finger; blue topaz ring – little finger
Amethyst ring, amethyst & garnet ring - Copy
Garnet & Amethyst ring – forefinger; amethyst ring – middle finger (Australia)
Fluorite bracelet 1 - Copy
Fluorite Bracelet
Labradorite Pendant - Copy
Labradorite Pendant
Purple bow ring - Copy
Purple bow ring – glass but I just liked the pink stones in the bow and the purple stone setting
Sodalite necklace - Copy
Sodalite Necklace
Calcite Spear - Copy
Raw Calcite Spear


Amethyst cluster necklace