Yesterday I read an article about the creation of a gift economy which got me thinking about how to price on the new website I’ve created:

I’m not too good at pricing and marketing what I have to offer.  I felt drained and uninspired every time I thought of organising all the bureaucratic stuff required for marketing, spruiking myself and popping up time and time again in people’s liWild and Freeves to remind them that I have a paid offering they might like to work with.

So my little eyes lit up when I considered the idea of embracing a gift economy.  I gift my work to the world, and I trust that in return I’ll receive donations as and when people can afford to pop some moolah into my account or feel inspired to push the PayPal donation button straight away.

Yes, it does rely on trusting people to return in some financial way the favour of gifting my work without setting a fixed price.  But as I thought about it, I felt a whole lot lighter and gleeful.  It answers my need to be eccentric, a bit off the beaten path, and feeds my spirit, which I consider most important.

What I find exciting about the idea of a gift economy that this is part of building a new way of operating finance-wise which is community based, grassroots and kind.  Interesting word “kind” when we think of monetary interchange, because it certainly can’t be applied to the way our economies operate at present. The terms you’d probably apply to capitalism currently are: greed; selfishness; unkindness; stress; rip-off, and so on.  But this is a time of great changes where we’re shifting from the old forms of society based on the industrial revolution to new forms where we, the people, demand ethical ways of living which are operated with integrity and in the interests of people, community and kindness.

So my way of operating and my website are a small contribution to building a new economy.  At present my form is called “a gift economy” but who knows how it will eventuate, grow, change and mature.

And, as I sat with this idea blazing and glowing in my heart, soul and mind, I opened up my inbox and there was an e-mail of a link to the above poster.  Synchronicity strikes again!  It felt like a huge, flashing, luminescent  “YES” from the Universe to me. And a giant, cosmic rubber-stamp for a whole new way of thinking and operating for me and, I hope, those of you who find my work helps you in some way or another.

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